Monday, October 25, 2010

The Walkman is Dead! Long Live the Walkman!

Today Sony terminated the production of the tape based walkman. It has been 31 years since the first walkman brought music closer to our ears and our hearts.

I still remember the sound of the Clash blaring all over my ears and right into my brain; I started jogging with the music of Rocky pushing me on to that extra mile; I was moonwalking on Michael Jackson`s Billy Jean tune;  I was just oblivious of the world around me when music was fodder on my soul.

Though we have now the Ipods, the bluetooth headsets, the hi-fidelity Bose headsets, music from the walkman was never been that good. The hissing noise made by an overused cassette tape makes the music more surreal. Yeah, I am old school. I like vinyl records more than CDs, more  the than 320 kbps VBR AAC files. I still like it with the static noises. I still like it when music was music to my ears.

Yes, Walkman, you can now fly somewhere.

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